Friday, January 17, 2014

Risotto with radicchio and orange

Risotto with radicchio and orange is a unique main course, it is easy to prepare and suitable for any occasion. Maybe, it could be an idea for a romantic dinner since Valentine's Day is coming.
What makes this dish unique is the bittersweet taste given by the radicchio lightly bitter taste mixed with the sweet taste of the orange.

Serves 4


1 nr Leek
3 nr Oranges
2 nr Heads of radicchio
350 g (12.35 oz) of rice (for risotto)
Half a glass of brandy
Extra virgin olive oil as needed
Vegetable broth as needed
Parmesan cheese 30 gr (1.06 oz)(optional)
15 g of butter (0,53 oz)(optional)
Clean the leek, remove the outer leaves, wash, dry it and cut into thin rings (pic. 1).
Wash the radicchio and cut into strips (2). Let it simmer in a pan with a little extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper and turn off the flame.
Squeeze two oranges, peel the other and cut the flesh into little cubic pieces.
Put the leek with the olive oil in a large pan and let simmer for 2 minutes (3), add the rice and let it brown over high heat (4). Add the brandy and let it dry out, then add the broth (or stock) slowly (a ladle at a time) (5).
When the rice is almost cooked, add the orange juice (6). After a minute add the orange pulp and radicchio (7-8). When the rice is cooked mix in the Parmesan cheese and butter (9-10).
Turn off the flame, cover with a tea towel (or dish towel) (11) and let it stand a few minutes before serving.

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